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Translate Value

SELECT a.fieldname ,a.fieldvalue ,a.language_cd ,a.xlatshortname ,a.xlatlongname FROM PSXLATITEMLANG a WHERE a.fieldname = 'TAX_CLASS_CAN' AND a.fieldvalue IN ('HTX','PYT') AND %EffdtCheck(PSXLATITEMLANG, a, %CurrentDateIn)

  • Related language record for CAN_TAX_HLT_VW
  • PeopleSoft Field NameField TypeColumn TypeDescription
    FIELDNAMECharacter(18)VARCHAR2(18) NOT NULLField Name (see PSDBFIELD).
    FIELDVALUECharacter(4)VARCHAR2(4) NOT NULLField Value
    LANGUAGE_CDCharacter(3)VARCHAR2(3) NOT NULLLanguage Code translate values
    XLATSHORTNAMECharacter(10)VARCHAR2(10) NOT NULLTranslate Value Short Name
    XLATLONGNAMECharacter(30)VARCHAR2(30) NOT NULLTranslate Long Name
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