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This table is the parent of PSSQLTEXTDEFN. It holds SQL object definitions, and these objects are used widely in PeopleTools. Only rows where SQLTYPE = 2 correspond to DBA_VIEWS. Until version 7.x of PeopleTools, the definition of SQL Views in PeopleTools was held in PSVIEWTEXT, and that table corresponded directly with DBA_VIEWS.

PSSQLDEFNDBA_VIEWSDescription of PeopleTools Column
PeopleSoft Field NameCorresponding Oracle Column Name
SQLID(VIEW_NAME)SQL Object Identifier
Not an exact match. This column has different meanings depending upon value of SQLTYPE
SQLTYPE = 0: SQL object name
SQLTYPE = 1: Application Engine Step Identifier
SQLTYPE = 6: Application Engine XSLT (XML definition)
  • 0=SQL Object referenced from elsewhere
  • 1=Application Engine Step
  • 2=SQL View
  • 5=Queries for DDDAUDIT and SYSAUDIT
  • 6= Application Engine Step XSLT
VERSION Version Number (OBJECTTYPE = 'SRC',  also on PSLOCK)

Internal PeopleTools version for controlling caching of object. 

LASTUPDOPRID Specifies the User ID of the last developer who alter this record. This field is maintained by Application Designer.
LASTUPDDTTM Specifies the date and time of the last update to an entry. This field is maintained by Application Designer.
OBJECTOWNERID Object owner identifier translate values

Author: David Kurtz

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