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Objects in a View

There is a version of the view text for each database platform because we need to look at database catalogs to get the information.
SELECT NAME ,referenced_name ,CASE referenced_type WHEN 'TABLE' THEN 'T' WHEN 'VIEW' THEN 'V' ELSE 'X' END referenced_type FROM ALL_DEPENDENCIES WHERE TYPE = 'VIEW'

PeopleSoft Field NameField TypeColumn TypeDescription
PTIA_VWNAMECharacter(35)VARCHAR2(35) NOT NULLView Name
PTIA_VWDEPNAMECharacter(35)VARCHAR2(35) NOT NULLView Dependency Name
PTIA_VWDEPTYPECharacter(1)VARCHAR2(1) NOT NULLView Dependency Type
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