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Contingent facets

This is reserved for futrue implementation of contigent facets i.e. what are the child facets to show when a perticular parent facet is selected.

  • Parent record: PSPTSF_CATFACET
  • PeopleSoft Field NameField TypeColumn TypeDescription
    PTSF_SRCCAT_NAMECharacter(65)VARCHAR2(65) NOT NULLSearch Category Name (see PSPTSF_SRCCAT).
    PTSF_FACET_NAMECharacter(65)VARCHAR2(65) NOT NULLFacet Name
    PTSF_CHLD_FCT_NAMECharacter(65)VARCHAR2(65) NOT NULLContingent Facet
    SEQNONumber(5,0)INTEGER NOT NULLSequence Number
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