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Route Cntl Profile View 7

select a1.roleuser, b.rte_cntl_type, b.rte_from_value, b.rte_to_value, c.rte_cntl_type, c.rte_from_value, c.rte_to_value from ps_rte_cntl_ruser a1, ps_rte_cntl_ruser a2, ps_rte_cntl_ln b, ps_rte_cntl_ln c where a1.roleuser = a2.roleuser and a1.rte_cntl_profile = b.rte_cntl_profile and a2.rte_cntl_profile = c.rte_cntl_profile

PeopleSoft Field NameField TypeColumn TypeDescription
ROLEUSERCharacter(30)VARCHAR2(30) NOT NULLRole User
RTE_CNTL_TYPE_1Character(30)VARCHAR2(30) NOT NULLRoute Control Type 1
RTE_FROM_VALUE_1Character(30)VARCHAR2(30) NOT NULLRte From Value 1
RTE_TO_VALUE_1Character(30)VARCHAR2(30) NOT NULLRte To Value 1
RTE_CNTL_TYPE_2Character(30)VARCHAR2(30) NOT NULLRoute Control Type 2
RTE_FROM_VALUE_2Character(30)VARCHAR2(30) NOT NULLRte From Value 2
RTE_TO_VALUE_2Character(30)VARCHAR2(30) NOT NULLRoute To Value 2
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