6th January 2002Aphorisms
A not entirely serious presentation that is used to discuss how you might consider performance problems.

Companion Presentation: Aphorisms

7th July 2000PeopleSoft for the DBA
This presentation discusses some of the issues that a DBA faces when administering a PeopleSoft database. It answers many of the questions frequently asked by DBAs. Also available as a zip archive.

Companion book: PeopleSoft for the Oracle DBA

2nd June 2000SQL Best Coding Practice in PeopleTools 7.x
This presentation has been used at various times and places to illustrate where PeopleSoft developer writes SQL, and so may tune it. It then goes on to provide some general guidelines that will help the developer write more efficient SQL in the first place.
2nd June 2000PeopleSoft HR7.5 Security Views
This presentation describes a tried and test approach for tuning the row-level security views found in PeopleSoft's HR product. While specific to version 7.5, it can also be applied to previous versions.

Companion Document: PeopleSoft HR7.5 Security Views

19th September 2000nVision Performance Tuning
PeopleSoft's nVision reporting utility is used extensively for financial reporting. It requires particular configuration in order to get the best performance.

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