Improving Performance & Reducing Cloud Costs with 'Free' Base-Level 'In-Memory

I have updated this presentation with the version from the UKOUG 2023 conference, where I also review the behaviour on Exadata Cloud at Customer, and the marginal gain of the upgrade to fully featured In-Memory.

(26.1.2022) I was able to co-present on the subject of Oracle Database In-Memory with Andy Rivenes, Oracle's In-Memory Product Manager at the UKOUG 2021 Conference.

Andy described the In-Memory feature, and how it works, and I discussed two real-life use cases.

Oracle Base-Level In-Memory does not require any license and has been backported to 19.8. The 16Gb per instance limit is enough to experiment but it can also be sufficient to create a full production solution. 

I was able to describe two real-life PeopleSoft Financial General Ledgers systems.  One where Base-Level In-Memory has been used to successfully deliver significant benefits in production, and another where the jury is still out.  I discussed aspects of their configuration that meant In-Memory was a success at one, and why at the other it is still a work in progress at this time.

A video of this presentation is available.

This and other presentations about In-Memory can be found on the Oracle Database In-Memory YouTube Channel